Hudson River tubing – DAY OFF 3 

We’re half way through the summer now and the weeks are rolling by fast. The time has come.

Day off 3 = TUBING.

Floating down the Hudson River on a rubber tube is probably the creme de la creme of day off activities. It adds adrenaline to the trinity – Breezy’s, Beers, Boats and Adrenaline.

The evening before by no surprise was the same again – ka-reeeookay. Despite some sore heads and the rain in the morning we were all in high spirits. I think the hilarity of having a cheer battle with an Amish girls camp while we waited in the parking lot helped a lot. So we floated down a river attached to each other bumping into rope swings and rapids along the way.

The highlight was probably the end. This is where the rapids reach their climax and are at they’re most powerful. Like newbie’s, we all fell out of our tubes, over shot the end, and ended up in an Indian reservation. We were met by an angry owner so presided to magically fit around 12 tubes into one car. Let’s just say there were a few being held out the window.

We ran away to a Hibachi in LG. It wasn’t great (I don’t know why we thought it would be in a little lake side town) but a house by the lake and a sunset boat ride meant the halfway mark much sweeter.

 “It’s your world we’re all just living in it”


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