The Same Again – DAY OFF 2 

Our second escapade started much the same. It may have been a new motel but the same combination wasn’t – breezys and karaoke. Some did add midnight skinny dipping to the mixture and a new game involving chicken noises, but because of the bad weather it was pretty plane

So we decided to make a stop at the mall to pet (and almost buy) some puppies on our way home to make a roas. We tried to cheer ourselves up. 

I wasn’t joking when I said this house is a toy box. A new surprise we came back was two new goats walking past the window. We played with them for awhile but then the sat under a canopy in the rain by a bonfire. This time instead of being in the kayaks, we were sitting on them to not get wet – but also because we found a couple snakes curled up in one when we tried to use them. Simply put, it put us off. 

Oh, and we also consumed as many peanuts a physically possible. Yes, peanuts. Where we work is a nut fee environment so we ate an entire g a l l o n  of them. Oops. 

Wet sambas


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