Breezys, Beers and Boats – DAY OFF 1 

Once camp life gets going your day off becomes everything.

Where to go and what to do mostly evolves around ‘The Trinity’ – Breezys shirts, Beers and Boats.

To set up our crew this year, each member started off by buying their own ‘Breezy’ – the tackiest shirt you can find. A crew mostly made up of foreigners we want to look like the American tourists that litter Lake George. It’s now our uniform to be worn starting from when we finish work Wednesday night through to Friday at 7:00 am when we have to walk back through the gate to camp.

Borrowing cars (you can borrow cars here and at our affluent camp it’s often a BMW. Ridiculous.) we drove into Lake George and stuffed about 12 of us into a cheesy motel. Anything to not sleep in camp with kids who will be waking you up by seven am with shouts and all sorts.

A Four Loko each we started strong. For those of you who don’t know, Four Loko is probably the most disgusting yet cost affective pre drink every invented. It’s a can of 12% juice so gross it’s illegal in half the states. More than one and weird things happen to you. Four Lokoed and a lot of beers later, we left Karoeke to go to a club (more like a local bar that plays mostly pitbull) but it was closed so we resorted to chanting outside until we passed out.

 Back at our friends house in the morning in Brant Lake it was like opening up a toy box. For starters awhole array of farm animals came running up to us the second we arrived. It was like Noah’s Arc debarked. All sorts – cows, dogs and the friendliest pigs you’ll ever meet (raised on the food waste from camp) greeted us. We were so confused. It entertained us for a awhile.

We then played on a UTV. I’d never hear of one before but imagine a pimped out golf cart on steroids. It can go off road and they’ve made a track through woods and muddy fields. Then we t r i e d to kayak. By this point we’d had a few beers so when it came to kayaking poeple were emerging with either a c a n o e paddle or no paddle, so we moved on to a BBQ. But really we  ended with a bang. For the grand finale of an all American day we had s’mores around a bonfire, but also shot some guns and set off fireworks.

It was a culture shock to the max, neither of these activities are common for us back in the U.K. I think people even went skinny dipping in the river. It was awesome but we set the bar high for the rest of summer.



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