The End of Season Blues 

 As the season comes to an end, there is an inevitable low. You realise soon you will have to leave your comfortable bubble to go back to the real world and get a real job. No more powder days, or day long apres sessions, but grey old rainy England. It’s the end of season blues.

Still it’s also probably the best time of the season. The sun is out longer and you can see the finish line where cleaning toilets and feeling exhausted all the time will come to an end.

But in case you’re curious, here are some things you didn’t know happens in a ski resort as the season comes to a close.

Let’s go water ski.

Any snowfall is now desperately needed. Sadly even after a huge dump, the warmer weather means it melts within a day. Luckily Val d’Isere is one of the higher resorts at 1850 so the peaks here as still ok, but once you’re down at the bottom it’s a lot more like water skiing. By the last week, it’s all mud.
Sun, sun and more sun.

As the clocks change the sun seems to hang around all day. This is great for defreezing your bones after the cold winter and suddenly, everyone around you has the most e x t r e m e goggle tans. Unfortunately this also means that when you’re at your apres worst – beer in your hair, glitter smudged everywhere – there is nowhere to hide.

When in trouble, throw a double…

With only a few weeks left people are less concerned about their own safety. You’ve only got one more week to reach that goal of landing a 360, so what’s to loose if you’re going home in a few weeks anyway?

To Napres or Apres?

The great idea of “let’s go out every night this week because we’ve only got two weeks left” gets thrown around a lot. It never works. By this point your body is in such exhaustion and burnt out mode from the whole winter that there’s no chance your stamina can handle this. With all the crazy closing down parties or ‘finish the wine stock in our chalet’ gatherings, napres has never been more important.


There are crazy deals on all gear. You can grab those skis you’ve been eyeing up all season for half the price.

Shouldn’t I be in shape after skiing all winter?

As the sun comes out, topless photos, skiing naked and wearing swimsuits become the norm. But no, skiing all winter doesn’t counteract all the baked goods, three course meals and alcohol you’ve indulged in all winter. No summer bodies her

The great outdoors!

The realization hits that other than dogs, birds and the occasional cat; you’ve not seen any wildlife in six months. Insects and all wildlife come out of the woodwork – you might even see the occasional Marmotte.

So don’t let the thought of close down – a week of through deep cleaning your chalet and no skiing – well, get you down because there’s still plenty to enjoy with no guests around.

So try and stuff all your new ski gear in you bags and say hello to home!


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