What’s a Family Ski Holiday?

Family visiting you on season is quite hard work. You have to keep trying to find the time to get out and you get stressed they’re not enjoying it as much as they could. After they’ve left, I tend to find everyone feels homesick and blue for a week which is tough when you’re not in a familiar environment. It can be tricky indeed. Here’s what happened on my recent and only experience.

So for the FIRST TIME EVER, my family came to visit. For months  we’ve been planning this trip. I only got 2 of 3 siblings and 1  out of 2 parents out, but I was pretty chuffed with my efforts to accomplish our first family holiday in 8 years.

As you can imagine the buzz was unreal. My brothers haven’t skied in 10 + years and me, too young to learn at the time, was keen to show off my new skills after three seasons (this hasn’t at all been the moment I’ve been waiting for since my first season..) But we should have known from the start that our family can not pull this sort of thing without something going wrong.

The first drama – due to arrive in Bourg on the overnight train at 6:00 am, getting them up to Val d’Isere for 8:00 am, at 12:00 pm they were still stuck in the train at Moutiers. We all laughed and stayed calm. My brother who’d flown from America the night before, n o t so calm.

We were all rearing to go Monday morning when on our first run, on a green, my brother sprains his knee. To be fair, deciding to take them down la Sache (one of the hardest and longest black runs) straight after probably didn’t help, even though he assured us he was ok .

Were now on day 3 and with 2 family members left, we decide to go down La Face (another hard black run). Half way down my mother sprains her knee. In three days I’ve injured half  of my crew.

To cheer ourselves up, we decide to go to dinner. We went to what we find the nicest fondue place in Val, La Luge. It’s so cozy and cute and actually old school. We’re starving as we arrive for our 9:30 reservation but we don’t get sat until 11:00.  By now we’re finding the whole trips against us.

This is confirmed when after finally, a smooth day, blue bird, apres, pizza – a host doesn’t  show up for work. I then have to spend the day sorting out cover, actually covering the host myself, and disciplining.

By this point we were all laughing expecting their train home to mysteriously disappear and they’d be stuck here forever.

So as you can see, it’s hard. You have to find a balance between still working hard, making sure your family are still having fun even though they’re injured and finding time for yourself. Still, I wouldn’t take back this trip for the world.

Seeing your family out here is a healthy reminder of the life outside the ski world bubble. You also got enough paracetamol, cold medicine, and any other supplies you need to last you the end of season. You also get treated like royalty for a week as you actually get to eat on the mountain because your parents will pay for it. Plus, there’s nothing more bonding than gliding by as you watch your older siblings 360 slide down mountains on their backs. Go pro footage for days.



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