The Lies of Fresh Snow


Ski resorts need snow to function. That’s obvious.

In our three seasons we’ve experienced all different kinds of winters. The first, the was NO snow. The second, it snowed all the time. This our third, there’s almost none again. The dream of thigh deep powder, tress runs, it’s all anyone talks about. Truth is, it’s all a ruse. Any seasonaire can relate to the down sides of what is “too much” snow.

Everything takes longer. It starts with trying to dig your car out of metre deep snow at 6 am. It’s not fun. Then trying to drive is impossible. Everything contributes to this like people who don’t know how to put on chains to people who don’t realize snow tyres are a thing. Getting first lifts is out of the question.

Work is harder. Deliveries are delayed which leads to angry chefs, and hosts are rushing to get out which means afternoon tea isn’t laid out. On top of this, guests tend to stay in more and pass the time by trying to find everything wrong with your chalet. Then you have to snowclear and this is the worst. It takes so long and guests watch as you sweat and struggle to try and shift mounds of snow so you to, can get out an ejoy some powder. It’s really not glorious.

Skiing is tiresome. The lifts are open later so you get less ski time. When you do get out you can’t see, your goggles fog up, it’s super cold, and snow gets all up in your salopettes so you freeze. It’s hard work.

The simplest of tasks is daunting. You can’t walk anywhere or go out without thinking you’ll slip an injure yourself. You go out at night and you have to trudge through knee-deep snow to get home and before you know it your walk to the local shop becomes a wet workout.

In the sun, everything is better. You can relax, float around and breathe easy. Sure because of the ice, injuries tend to be higher, but learning on ice was brilliant because now I’m not scared of it anymore. It’s not as pretty – you can tell where every dog in resort has been (and on the slopes where every man has been…) but the stress is less. You can even get a tan.

You could say I’m playing devils advocate here considering we’ve had no snow this winter and Colorado seems to be getting metre fresh powder everyday. Maybe that is why I think it’s all overrated, but you can see my point right?






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