The Seasonaires of Brexit

IMG_1465 copy.jpgBrexit Boy made himself known straight away. In a bar full of pre season staff of all sorts, Mr Brexit Boy starts being very vocal about how he voted OUT. 95% of the people in that bar were hired by UK companies able to function in France because of the EU, OR own businesses that can hire you under British contracts because of the EU. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I didn’t even meet him but no, this wouldn’t be the best place to start mouthing off about voting OUT. 

 Despite the recent vote suggesting otherwise, is this the end of it all?

The past two winters we’ve had the pleasure of working in the French Alps. As you can see, it’s pretty spectacular. Although our jobs and companies have changed, we’ve stayed loyal to the Espace Killy ski area of Tignes and Val d’Isere. Even Les Brevieres the little brother of the resorts. This winter, our third, we’ll be back in Val.

I can already tell from our brief and vocal encounter with Brexit Boy (that’s his nickname for the winter) that this will be a common topic of conversation this winter. It will affect this industry. It could ruin the industry. But, let’s not freak out yet. We’re not all going to be given 24 hours notice and shunted out of France tomorrow so lets not hate on everyone who did vote out.

Despite these recents developments this was going to be our last winter. Good timing on our part in many ways. So let’s see how our Sambas hold out in the snow shall we? ©


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