The Chronicles of a Poor Couples Road Trip

I met my brother recently and he asked how our recent 5 month stint in America went. Simply enough, I said it was an adventure. He turned to me and said “an adventure? You do know that adventure is just a romantic word for disorganized and chaotic right?”

Let me introduce you to our chronicles. These little day by day episodes follow the end of our 5 month stint in America – a two week road trip through Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico with only $500 in our pocket. It was an adventure to say the least. If the origin of this brilliant idea wasn’t an indication then I don’t know what was:

Day 1 – 30/09/2016 a hot Wednesday

It’s done. We’ve drafted The Big Daddy Budget. A whole 5″3″ high quality white napkin from which our $50 a day budget has originated. Written by the Stratosphere Hotel pool in Las Vegas it’s not much. I mean we’re in Las Vegas for starters! Who writes a budget in Vegas.

So what shall we do first?




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