Our first walk

2 countries, 5 months, 146 days, 20 US States, 5000 miles in 2 cars, too many fourlokos and one pair of sambas covered in dog shit. And would you believe it? This is only the beginning of Scouser in his Sambas.

Truth be told these statistics are only of our most recent trip. We’ve been squeezing in as much travelling as we could since graduating in 2014. It was like we traded in our diplomas for plane tickets.

The “we” I speak of often changes. Even to an ‘I’ sometimes but really it refers to a whole generation of thrill seekers on a budget. And what a better way to record our adventures than behind the symbolism of shoes which are probably the most basic means of travel right? Until they get covered in dog shit. Let me explain the story.

We were walking down the streets of trendy East Village in NYC talking this idea through. Sambas aren’t even the most amazing pair of shoes but what makes them special is twofold. One of us from Liverpool, we were saying how they always make him feel like a Scouser when he wears them no matter where he is in the world. But also, they’ve travelled a lot. It’s all pretty cool really.

Then just as we were metaphorically getting carried away the unexpected happened – he stepped in dog shit. Is this an omen that our blog is a terrible idea? Or was this dog a Man U fan? Ultimately when you think about it now this crap might travel the world too. The stupid getthepoooffmyshoe walk was priceless but it wasn’t for all this comedy value that we thought we’d use this little nugget of a story to start with. What’s really to be taken from this episode is the excitement that comes from the unexpected nature of travel which I guess is at the core of this blog.

So welcome to this organised chaos – a mixture of stories and tales from different parts in our travels past and present in no real order and written with no previous blogging experience or grammatical correctness. Just written when the time suits. Why you ask? Because it’s fun.

So sit back, relax, get some socks on and find a good pair of Sambas.



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